Gardening – reap what you sow!

I never thought gardening could be such fun!  How did I start gardening?  It was a long break, public holiday and weekend and I was looking for something to do around the house.  It was then I saw plants which has been planted by my husband are overgrown in the paint container.

That evening it became a family activity and everyone was out at the backyard to do something…..

I was hoping to build a raised garden bed using concrete blocks but it was Sunday and all hardware shops are closed. So, in-ground bed is good enough for the moment.


Laying newspaper or flattened boxes are used as natural weed killer
newspaper atop of weed and surrounding the plants

12006365_10207256042666749_8422196067716126098_n 11013206_10207256042906755_7977059629444707114_n

Newspaper can be used as a natural weed killer.  Just put 9-10 pages of newspaper atop the weed and surrounding your plants.  That will save a lot of time pulling out the weeds which steal the food and water from our plants.  Brilliant right?  Well, got the idea from other gardeners’ website.

My husband will plant the seed because he has greener fingers than me.  Whatever he plants, it will grow….so I passed that task to him.

My green finger man….

We decided to plant more vegetables for own consumption and hope to consume the produce soon!  My green finger man planted sawi, kangkung, chilli and tomato.

A week later……all plants started to grow.

11998805_10207256132588997_3325948382645617127_n 11214021_10207256132308990_3325464235305609647_n

12003262_10207256043186762_6213693957141178080_n 11986344_10207256043426768_5862170550539587408_n


Fencing the garden is to put away cats, dogs or even the kids from stepping on the vegetables beds.  We used the inexpensive wire fencing and also the ready-made bamboo fence.  It was not difficult to set up, of course with the help of Mr Hubby and in a hour, everything was done!

12002256_10207268139529163_4512609748590915941_n 12006260_10207268138529138_7755576716842575747_n 11986529_10207268137649116_6783804548030094651_n


Some of the plants found in our garden…

cangkuk manis
cangkuk manis – 2 weeks later

10672258_10207167201325771_5888183283508855000_n 11885208_10207167201645779_8864862321262913378_n 11933411_10207167202525801_7662595769677285191_n 11924970_10207167202685805_2868555713897995563_n



Yup….we bought the plants last year and it has bear fruit once.  This time, it looks like there will be more than one strawberry.  It such an indescribable feeling to see strawberry in your garden.  Alhamdulillah….


Gardening is surely a stress buster!  It makes you feel calm, fulfilled and you could be so engaged gardening, you do not feel the time.  You could be hours weeding, watering, walking around and around the plant and you just do not feel the time.  It is really a healthy activity and I should have started it earlier.  Well…it’s better late than never!

I love the view of our garden from our kitchen’s window.  It is such a beautiful view….

view from the kitchen window

Till we meet again….I hope I will be able to show you the produce soon.  As the saying goes….reap what you sow….

Dani having a great time gardening

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