Dani turns 11

Yes!!  It’s his day, the day that every kid will look forward to.  Their birthdays!  Birthday means joy, happiness, party, presents…..

My youngest son is no different.  He is eager and anxious to celebrate his birthday.  We thought of giving him a surprise party but….arghhhh….it is very difficult to hide all the excitement of preparing the birthday party.


Preparing a birthday party

It is all about fun and being together with friends, cousins and family members.  We decided to do it at our own house and not at other venue like what we used to do.  There are more things that you can do when the party is at home…and of course, there are lots of work to do as well!

After venue, next would be the menu.  We go for main dish (fried noodle, hot dogs, nuggets & fried chicken) and dessert would be a variety of candies, cakes, chocolates, jelly and others.

The highlight would be the birthday cake because it will be the centre of attention for any birthday party!

Working on the venue

There was a lot of work to do but it was also FUN!!  Dania was brilliant with the decorations and the photos speak for itself….


The backdrop and main table for birthday cake


The balloons are not filled with helium.  They are glued to the ceiling with double-sided tape.  Dania’s brilliant idea!

Birthday Cake

The cake will be the centre of attention and we ordered Dani’s favourite chocolate cake.  Dani loves fast cars so we ordered him chocolate cake with ferrari logo on it!  Cool right!!



Dania made white chocolate with oreo fudge and we put 5 chocolate in a goody bag for kids & guests.  It is more cost effective to do it in-house and more fun too!

Party & Funtime!

Everything is good to go, so let’s have fun!

We hoped everyone who came had a great time.  It is all about being together and having fun!






Happy birthday Dani! Love you!!


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