Malacca, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 is about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.  It was a beautiful Sunday on 25 September 2016 and upon arriving KLIA from Kuching, my son picked me up from the airport and we drove to Malacca to visit my daughter studying at UiTM Melaka.

To know the history of  Malacca, click the link for more information.

Now back to my trip to Malacca,  we arrived Malacca after  2 hours driving, just in time for lunch at one of the famous Asam Pedas restaurant.


Besides asam pedas, Malacca is also famous for its Klebang coconut shake at Jalan Klebang Besar Malacca.  Anyone coming to Malacca must try the Klebang coconut shake and it is just the right thing to do to quench your thirst in the hot weather.

Interesting Places in Malacca


It’s a wrap!

We spent 4 hours in Malacca and had enough time to have lunch & do some grocery shopping with my daughter.  We even managed to visit few interesting places in Malacca and spent a lot of time in the Dataran Pahlawan shopping complex to escape from the hot weather outside.

My son & I headed off to KL and reached our destinations around 8pm.  It was a great day trip to Malacca and not forgetting the cool & sweet coconut shake!


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