Fairy cave also known as Gua Pari is nature reserves and it is about 40km from Kuching city. It took 40 minutes drive to reach the cave. It is a unique cave but unfortunately the Sarawak Government never give much effort to promote it. The cave is under the care of Sarawak Forestry Department but you cannot find anything about it in their website. Sigh….


Before entering the cave, there is an entrance fee charged but it is very minimal, about RM1 only. The Fairy Cave is approximately 3 storeys high. You have to climb the staircase before reaching the entrance of the cave. Be sure to bring your drinks because you might need it after the long climb and sweating wet.


The staircase going to the cave entrance
At the entrance, there are more stairs inside the cave

Before arriving at the main chamber of the cave, you will have to climb through a dark and narrow tunnel. It is adviseable to bring your torch lights or use your mobile torch light. It is a bit slippery so make sure to wear good foot wear!

Once in the chamber, the first sight is the streams of sunlight through the mouth of the cave and it gives such a spectacular view.



The cave is huge and you can see the tiny size of people walking up the stairs.wp-1491135673073.

From the view point, you can see the amazing huge cavern with limestone formations and green plant life.wp-1491135638031.

There a lot of stalactites which some are over 15 feet tall.wp-1491135644208.


Experiencing the cave life!

Looking the view below from one of the caves opening
Beautiful shapes of slaglamite


It was a great experience to be in the cave and imagined how the cave people lived long, long time ago!wp-1491135631631.